SMI & Indusquip have already done extensive conversions for Bridgestone , Dunlop , Leader Tread, Rubber Processors , Natal Rubber , Hudson Rubber , Fenner, National Rubber etc – in the fields of rubber manufacture.

WEM Electric Motors & INVT Drives. Indusquip and SMI Electric have assisted countless Companies with Power Analyser recordings, advice and solutions to “Energy Savings”.

 Our Company offer FREE assessment of your critical motors and starting equipment to achieve best results with the minimum of expense.

SMI & Indusquip’s motto of “Energy savings are application specific” are reinforced with the latest IEC specification IEC 60034-31 : Application guide for selection of energy-efficient motors. Excerpts from IEC60034-31 – “In comparing motor efficiency not only the increase of efficiency but also the respective power factor has to be taken into account

“When a replacement of a standard motor with a high efficiency motor is envisaged in existing applications, the correct power-demand and sizing of motor should be evaluated”

SMI Electric supply the WEM range of SABS approved high efficiency electric motors. Smartmulti are approved distributors for the INVT range of Variable speed drives.    

 Standard stock holding of Motors and VSD’s up to 630kW in both 400volt and 525volt.

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