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Quality Control is important

SMI Electric offers a full Design, Manufacture and Supply service for all your electrical control panel requirements.  PLC’s, HMI, VSD’s, GSM solutions. Building electrical control panels isn’t rocket science, but it requires attention to detail, and requires specific steps to be executed in a specific order. If you need some help, Contact us and we’ll do our best to assist. Email us anything (Bill of Materials, sketches, manuals, etc.) you think will help us understand your problem.

Some people think electrical control panel building is simple. The individual procedures (cutting, stripping, drilling, etc.) are simple, but the entire process is complicated. If you can only see the simple procedures, then you’re missing all of the important steps that were executed in order to make each procedure easy to execute without error. Starting with accurate physical layout drawings insuring the components fit comfortably within the enclosure, and accurate schematic drawings insuring the components will be wired correctly, through ordering and receiving the correct enclosure and components, and having skilled personnel with the right tools doing the work.

To be successful producing electrical control panels you have to understand all of the important steps leading up to and following each simple procedure, and execute all of them with precision.

In any manufacturing company, there’s a constant battle between production and quality control. Production wants to ship product out the door, but quality control only wants to allow good product out the door. Some manufacturing companies will downplay the role of quality control to keep production running smoothly, a short sighted operating strategy for a manufacturing company.

The best manufacturing companies arrange their production so that any problem forces production to stop. This seems counter to the goal of efficient operation, but it actually helps improve operating efficiency over time. When any problem forces production to stop, everyone (top to bottom) is forced to immediately focus their attention on the problem, and on devising a solution. This forced collective problem solving under time pressure helps your entire company become better and more efficient.

Control Panels

If you choose to ignore quality problems to keep your production running smoothly, your customers will eventually discover the problems and you’ll find yourself in a lose-lose situation. If you’re lucky, your customers will tell you about the problems and you’ll spend a lot more money fixing them in the field. If you’re unlucky, your customers won’t say anything and you’ll never know why they went away.

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