LAB-worx MKII Socket Router

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This socket router is designed for stock removal, shaping, sanding and polishing materials such as plastics, foams and wood.The 500mm tapered shaft has variable rotational speeds from 0 to 3000 R.P.M  to optimize the efficiency of the tool in use. Speeds can be changed by the user according to the machined materials and according to the tools used. The control of the machine is managed by an INVT Variable Speed Drive. The LAB-worx MKII features an automatic torque controlled safety mechanism through which the motor in instantaneously halted in the event of a work piece jam.

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Electrical Specification

3kW 2 Pole 380V B5/5 WEM High Efficiency Motor | INVT GD100 4kW Variable Frequency Drive | Binder Electro-mechanical Brake Miniature Brake Contactor | Panel Mounted Safety E-Stop – Twist to release | Floor Standing Large Foot Operated Safety E-Stop

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