Project introduction

Project solution: EC100 elevator intelligent integrated machine.

Compared with PLC & inverter and elevator controller & inverter solution, EC100 one machine which combine with elevator control technology, drive technology and network communication technology, so that one EC100 can realize the whole elevator system control function.

Features and advantages

1. Cost saving, EC100 includes controller and driver, no need to add controller or PLC & inverter;

2. Build-in AM and PM motor PG card, adapt to AM and PM motor flexibly ;

3. Simple installation, no need to do the controller to inverter wirings;

4. Easy to test, just set EC100 parameter no need separate set controller or PLC and inverter parameters;

5. Full service, no need judge controller, PLC or inverter problem, supply full service.

Typical cases

EC100 solution for modern upscale domiciles in Istanbul

There is a modern upscale residential area is under construction in south of Istanbul, which has more than 30 buildings. Elevator is necessary and become the important transport tool for the building, since every building has 36 floors. EC100 solution meets the requirement perfectly, which has the advanced control technology and high performance. The elevators running at 2.5m/s speed with high comfort. What’s more, group control function makes the elevator running high efficiency.

EC100 integrated machine solution:

Items Name Qty Note
1 EC100-022-4 78 Elevator integrated machine
2 EC-CTE 78 Elevator car control board
3 EC-CCB 156 Elevator car command board, one support 16 floors
4 DC-07B 2808 LCD display and calling board, 36 floors outside the hall
5 LM21-070 78 LCD display in car
6 EC-PAD 5 LCD handheld operator
7 MC-GCL 12 Group control board

Advantages of EC100 integrated machine solution:

(1) Engineer just need to learn the EC100 Integrated machine manual only, no need to learn elevator controller and inverter, saving time;

(2 )Easy test and easy maintain, no need to test the elevator controller and inverter, more efficiency;

(3) Simple wiring, no more controller and inverter wirings, saving time and cost;

(4) Just one EC100 integrated machine enough, saving cost;

(5) Advantage vector control, high performance and comfortable;

(6) Direct leveling technology, fast speed and high efficiency;

(7) Full service, no need to judge controller or inverter problem, quick response.


The EC100 elevator solution is widely used in the elevator market, one EC100 can replace elevator controller & inverter cost saving, simple wiring and easy testing save time, and supply full service, widely welcomed by customers.


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