The Focus of all Processes and Designs is to provide Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient Solutions for Aquaponics.

Water Treatment Systems:
Conventional filtration, Membrane filtration – (reverse osmosis, ultra, nano, and micro)
Metal removal / recovery (e.g. Copper, Platinum group of metals)
Element removal (e.g. Arsenic, Fluoride)
Desalination and distillation
Water stabilization for hard and soft water treatment
Residential and industrial water treatment & effluent treatment
Water Generator Systems:
Water Extraction From Air
Agriculture Enhancement System:
Environmental friendly pathogen control, soil structure improvement
Scale and algae removal from irrigation lines and pipe networks
Chemical free plant-growth enhancement
Air Treatment Systems:
Odor control, sterilization, post harvest disease control, product shelf life extension
Pump designs
Energy efficient low and high pressure pumps
Dissolved gas injection and removal systems for:
Effluent treatment, aquaculture systems, irrigation systems, beverages
Aquaculture and Aquaponics:
Fresh– and saltwater fish farming,
Low energy usage, cost-effective temperature regulation of dams.
Water usage is low since re-circulation systems can be used due to effective water quality maintenance.
Thermal powered and solar-voltaic power and energy storage equipment
Effluent treatment plants, water purification and aquaculture farms and pumps (high- and low pressure) Power generator systems.
Human powered pump systems:
High and low pressure with reverse osmosis configuration


 Solar Aquaponics Tilapia Study

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