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The installation of variable speed drives (VSDs) on pumps can be an effective energy-saving measure. Lowering the speed of a motor by just 20 percent can produce an energy saving of up to 50 percent. Variable speed drives can be installed on all pumps, including those associated with HVAC systems. The VSD needs to be connected to a control signal and may also require installation of measurement devices or controllers, which typically are included in costing. The financial viability of installing a VSD depends on the motor application and operating hours. VSDs tend to be most economical when used on large pumps.

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Mechanical benefits: As opposed to common flow-control methods such as throttling valves or bypass systems, the principal advantage of VSD technology is that it better matches the fluid energy the system requires with the energy the pump delivers to the system. The pump’s power is proportional to the cube of the motor’s speed; therefore a significant reduction in power (and energy savings) can be achieved by reducing the speed of the motor. A VSD can alleviate the need to throttle the flow (and lose energy), or allow the water or refrigeration fluid to be pumped more slowly, reducing frictional energy loss. Soft start and stop capabilities also reduce mechanical and electrical stress as well as the risk of water hammer.

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